Orthopedic Implants

Redefining Orthopedic Care: Personalized 3D Printed Implants at Metamorph

Biocompatible, patient-specific implants that perfectly match individual anatomy

Metamorph revolutionizes orthopedic care with innovative 3D printing technology. We create biocompatible, patient-specific implants that perfectly match individual anatomy, leading to faster healing times, improved functionality, and better long-term results. Traditional implants often come with limitations in size, shape, and fit.

3D printing offers a paradigm shift

Patient-specific instruments
Create implants that precisely match a patient’s unique bone structure, minimizing complications and optimizing surgical procedures.
Complex geometries
Produce implants with intricate features and porous structures to enhance bone ingrowth (osseointegration) for stronger fixation.
Lightweight and durable materials
Utilize biocompatible materials like titanium alloys that offer exceptional strength and reduced weight for improved patient comfort

Benefits of 3D Printed Orthopedic Implants

Your Partner in Orthopaedic Innovation

Our team of specialists collaborates closely with surgeons and medical professionals throughout the process, from design optimization to material selection and 3D printing using advanced technologies. We ensure the highest quality and sterility standards for your custom implants.

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