External Prosthetics

Empowering Independence: 3D Printed External Prosthetics at Metamorph

Creating innovative 3D printed external prosthetics for improved function and confidence.

Metamorph is revolutionizing the world of external prosthetics with the power of 3D printing. We create custom-designed, comfortable, and functional prosthetics that empower individuals to regain their mobility, confidence, and independence.

3D printing offers a paradigm shift

Lightweight and customizable
Design comfortable, lightweight prosthetics tailored to the specific needs and residual limb anatomy of each individual.
Enhanced functionality
Integrate advanced features like multi-grip hands or adaptable joints for improved dexterity and range of motion.
Expressive designs
Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to create prosthetics that reflect personal style and individuality.

Benefits of 3D Printed External Prosthetics

Your Partner in Prosthetic Innovation

Our team of specialists collaborates closely with prosthetists and patients throughout the entire process. From 3D scanning and design optimization to material selection and advanced 3D printing, we ensure a perfect fit, functionality, and a prosthesis you'll be proud to wear.

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