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Forge the Future: Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Craft high-strength, functional metal parts on-demand with our advanced metal 3D printing services

Metal 3D printing, also known as Metal Additive Manufacturing, disrupts traditional manufacturing by offering a faster, more efficient way to create complex and robust metal components. Metamorph leverages the industry-leading capabilities of Meltio and Metal X 3D printers to deliver exceptional metal additive manufacturing solutions. Here’s how our metal 3D printing services can empower your business

Unmatched Quality & Precision
We utilize state-of-the-art metal 3D printers to deliver exceptional detail, dimensional accuracy, and superior surface finishes for your metal parts.
Broad Range of Materials
Choose from a variety of high-performance metal materials like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and Inconel to meet your specific strength, weight, and heat resistance requirements.
Complexities Made Simple.
Overcome limitations of traditional methods. Create intricate geometries, internal features, and lightweight structures previously impossible with conventional techniques.
Rapid Prototyping & Low-Volume Production
Get functional metal prototypes faster and produce small batches of custom metal parts efficiently, reducing lead times and minimizing inventory costs.
Expert Design & Engineering Support

Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to optimize your designs for metal 3D printing, ensuring successful outcomes.

Our Metal 3D Printing Services

Materials we work with

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